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Professional Content & Blog Writing

Creative and SEO-friendly web pages, blog posts, and digital content. Invest in your website's success by hiring a professional writer. Contact me today

A Little About My Work

I have been a freelance creative writer since 2014, and have written and edited for clients in Canada, the US, and the UK. I have created web pages and blogs for lawyers, dentists, plant nurseries, nail salons, security companies, financial organizations, doctors, hotel chains, virtual high schools, and so much more.


As a creative content writer, my scope is unlimited. For highly technical companies that write their own content, I transform their words into edited and optimized packages.


What exactly is creative content writing? It's everything you read online. Behind every web page, blog post, meta description, and alt text there is a living human being (that'd be me) whose job it is to make sure all your website copy is flawless. When website content isn't flawless, your search engine optimization (SEO) starts to suffer.  Click here to find out why website copy is so important


I work with digital marketing and SEO firms to develop high-quality and optimized content for their clients. Who knows, maybe you've read my work before!


Do you need high-quality copy for your website? Are you looking for a steady stream of blogs to keep your customers interested and to boost your SEO?






A little something called SEO determines where your website will land on a search engine result page. The better the SEO, the higher up you'll be on a search engine result. High-quality content is SEO 101. Without great content, your website is not reaching its full potential.




With a content writer, you're guaranteed:

Well-written content that captures the "voice" of the client

Keyword-rich blogs and web pages written for search engine optimization (SEO)

Click-worthy blog posts that keep your community engaged and help build up your SEO naturally


Quick turnaround

Understanding appropriate tone and language for a variety of business types, such as legal, financial, retail, medical, social, etc.


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